YouTube Coupon Videos

Learn from the coupon experts! These six YouTube coupon videos demonstrate how to clip, organize and save with various coupon clipping methods. If you are feeling depressed about the economy and let these experts pick up up and inspire you to with their coupon tips.

1. Grocery Coupons: Supermarket coupons and the key to free food!

2. Woman Says She Gets Free Groceries

3. How to Create a Coupon Binder

4. How To Clip Coupons in Bulk

5. The Coupon Queen

6. How to File, Clip, and Store Your Coupons

2 Responses to “YouTube Coupon Videos”

  1. These people seem to know what they are talking about. I admire the enthusiasm for saving money. Quite uplifting.

  2. These are some great videos. I think having videos on coupons really can help people out who are getting into coupons and saving money as a sort of hobby, because more times than not we stumble across text-based websites with little imagery to guide us along. These will undoubtedly come in handy for many people down the road.


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