Park Seed

Park Seed Seeds

Based in Greenwood, South Carolina, Park Seed Company began in 1868 when 15 year old George W. Park decided to sell the seeds he had harvested from his garden. He invested in a hand press, printed a list of his product an then took out an ad in the Rural American. He made $6.50 in seed orders and an entrprenuer was born. With time, his seeds, and the monthly magazine he began, grew in popularity until circulation reached 20,000 in 1877 and by 1918 the magazine was being sent to 800,000 subscribers and customers. Today, the mail order seed company offers over 1,100 varieties of bulbs, floewers, vegetables shrubs and herbs as well as gardening accessories, supplies and tools.

From its dozens of varieties of roses to annuals like marigolds, verbana, zinnias or celosia and perennials such as lavendar, clematis, astras, and cannas, vivacious vegetables and all assundry of landscaping and gardening needs Park Seed Company is the place. And when you sign up for their newsletter you can get

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