Kodak Gallery

50 free prints
Whether you love to scrapbook your photos, digitally enhance your photos or just a need a place to store your memories online, then Kodak Gallery is one of the leading sites for all things photo. You can create calendars, customized gifts like mugs, pillows, and stationary, store your photos then share with friends and even upload your pics directly to FaceBook.
Kodak Gallery was started in 1999 in Berkley, CA by a group of photographers who were passionate about getting quality prints from their digital cameras. The company was originally called ofoto.com but was eventually bought out by Kodak Gallery in 2005.
When you join Kodak Gallery online you automatically get 50 free prints, which is a savings of $5. Then, you will be notified of upcoming sales, special promotions, new site features, and other great ways to make the most of your photos.