Pizza Hut

Are you in the mood for pizza? Perhaps you would rather have a pizzone? As America’s oldest pizza chain, Pizza Hut has been making pizza since 1958, when brothers, Dan and Frank Carrey opened the original store in Wichita, Kansas. Growing from the original store, Pizza Hut is now the world’s largest restaurant company, with approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery/carry out locations and kiosk in 100 countries. Their menu choices go beyond pizza, to include items like pasta, salads, cheese sticks, hot wings and pizza rolls.

Whether you love thick crust or thin, peperonni or onions, no cheese or extra cheese, Pizza Hut has something sure to please your pizza desire. To save money on your pizza purchase, you can sign up to receive special Pizza Hut promotions and offers. Also, check out the Pizza Hut Deals page.