Foot Locker

Known for its selection of name brand shoes, this shoe store now has stores all across the US as well as 20 stores in Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. While it is located primarily in malls, it also has retail outlet stores and a website store.

Whether you are looking for Nikes, Puma, Timberlands, Reebok, Fila or Kaepa athletic shoes, or college gear, accessories and more spend sometime on the Foot Locker website. Not only do they have shoes, but you will find links to clothing stores like Rocawear, Jordan, Casual Jeans and Under Armour.

You can also follow their store and fashion news on Twitter. When you set up an e-mail account (bottom of their homepage), you can get notices of sales, company coupons, and promotions as well as learn about discounts and contest.